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Throttle body block twin

Throttle blocks are machined from billet aluminium & are only 25mm thick, ideal for application wher...Read More

$550.00 NZD (excl gst)

Two rotor Throttlebody Kit

Rotary economy kit sizes 50mm to 55mm Includes everything except Manifold, TPS and injectors. can ...Read More

$1350.00 NZD (excl gst)

Three Rotor Throttlebody Kit

20B rotary complete kit sizes 50mm to 55mm Kit comes complete with 1x IDA Race -series IDA Thrott...Read More

$1895.00 NZD (excl gst)

Link G4 Extreem

eight injection drives & eight ignition outputs ten analog inputs & four temperature inputs ten di...Read More

$1998.00 NZD (excl gst)

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